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Medical Support & Research


  • Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) Program Support
  • Evaluation of Workplace Hazards
  • Directives, Guidance, and Initiative Support
  • Research and Data Compilation
  • Management Planning and Budget Support


US Navy OCONUS Healthcare Services

Advancia Aeronautics provides various healthcare providers at Military Treatment Facilities (MTF) within the country of Japan and the United States Territory of Guam and any associated branch clinics.

FAA Electronic Federal Aviation Administration Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) Environmental & Health Task Order

Broad range, single award IDIQ in support of FAA’s Employee Safety and Health Services Division. The contract supplies programmatic and technical support for Agency wide occupational safety and health policy and programs.

FAA Human Subject Testing

The Human Subject testing is an effort to allow the airline industry to fly to a new ceiling of 45,000ft.  In order to accomplish this tasking the FAA performs physiology testing on 40 individuals.  The individuals must be between the age of 18 and 30 and possess a flight physical.  Each participant tests for two consecutive days and goes through a set of human physiology testing to include blood draws the first day followed by a rapid DE consent test in the altitude chamber the second day.

Civil Aero Medical Institute (CAMI)

Advancia Data Analysts work in the Aircraft Accident Investigation Directorate performing a myriad of tasks to include DNA requests for aircrew who have been involved in an aircrew accident.  Provide support toFAA Accident investigation boards.  Maintain different databases used by FAA on a daily basis in managing todays airline industry as well as all licensed pilots.

Army Direct Care Medical Services (ADCMS) South Region – Physicians

The ADCMS-G2 program augments military and DoD civilian direct health care providers at MTF(s) throughout the world; Services provided in MTFs cover the same range of services as those that are provided in civilian treatment facilities of similar size and scope.